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Yoyo Articles, by The Yoyologist Crew members
South African & Kenyan Yo-yo Players

Power of Spin

A spinning yo-yo has what is called a plane. The plane is the angle that a yo-yo holds while it is spinning. The plane comes from what is called gyroscopic stability, and gyroscopic stability comes from rotational inertia.

When you throw a hard Sleeper and the yo-yo is rotating, every single molecule of your yoyo...  Read article

Interview: Waylon Crase, singer / songwriter, yoyo player and humanitarian...

It's not often we carry news or interview players from outside the African continent, but Waylon's story is so unique, we couldn't let this opportunity slip by! In this interview, we chat to Waylon Crase about his new album, "Moving to Dismantle", yoyos, and.... Cambodia!  See interview...

Back To The Future with Red Devil yoyos

For anybody older than 20, seeing a Red Devil yoyo for the first time would make you do a double take. The yoyo itself is nearly a carbon copy of the old Russell yoyos (Coca-Cola yoyos) from the 1980s and early 1990s that everyone in South Africa seems to remember so well.

The yoyo itself is an imperial shape with flat sides, it has a steel fixed axle and quite a narrow gap.  Read article

Interview - Benson, the yoyo legend from Nairobi

Benson Arudo is the founding member of Eish!Yo, a venture that is spreading the yoyo love in his home country, Kenya.

In this interview we get to know the man behind it all, the one and only, the yoyo legend from Nairobi, Benson Peter Arudo!  Read article

Radiyoactive, a history lesson

Radiyoactive was founded in Johannesburg in 2005 by Jaco, a talented counterweight (5A) yo-yoer who just happened to have a thing for designing world class, groundbreaking yo-yos...

Jaco's intention was to produce high-end yoyos in South Africa at an affordable price for the local market.  Read article

YoTV Ext. 4, SABC1, 6 June 2012

On 6 June 2012, Yoyologist Crew members Graham and Frank were interviewed on national TV in South Africa. This article documents their experience of throwing on YoTV, a live broadcast on SABC1.  Read article

Interview - Barend, World record holder

Here's an interview from our archives! In 2007, one of our Crew members, Barend, set the local yo-yo scene ablaze when he broke the yo-yo World record for the Longest Shoot the Moon in the masters division.

What follows is an interview shortly after Barend de Wet received his official certificate...  Read article

Types of Yo-yo String

There are many different types of yo-yo string, and in this article, we are going to be talking about which material is best for yo-yo string.

In the old days, all yo-yo strings were made from cotton. Cotton is still the best string to use if you are playing with a fixed axle yo-yo...  Read article

The Russell Yo-yo Revolution, or, How Yoyos Came to South Africa

So, how did yoyos come to South Africa? Well, the lineage may seem fairly simple: Pedro Flores, Donald Duncan, Jack Russell, Dick Moffat, but make yourself a nice hot mug of cocoa, grab a log and find a space 'round the campfire, the Legendary Tale of the Russell Yo-yo Revolution is about to begin! Read article

Thoughts on Movement

Yo-yo players tend to play rooted to the spot, we only really use our hands when we play, so why move about? Standing in one spot and throwing yo-yo for hours does have its drawbacks though. Sore, aching legs, creaky knees, stiff back... sound familiar?

I yo-yo a lot and found that my body would be quite sore after a day's practise. To counter this, I started adding little movements to my playing to keep my circulation going.  Read article

Cape Town - March 2010

March 2010, Frank in Cape Town, South Africa

I was in the Cape recenty to do a few yo-yo shows - this is how it went down...

The first show was outdoors, they had a stage set up in the middle of a field between the mountains. It was really beautiful, I was inspired and it would have been so awesome... if it wasn't raining!  Read article