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Yo-yo Products & Accessories

Yo-yo string, polyester

R20 / 10. Available in black, blue or hot pink.

String bag consists of 10 polyester yoyo strings. When ordering, please let us know if you have a colour preference.

yoyo string yoyo string yoyo string

Silicone response pads, 19mm. R20 per pair.

Available in black (hard), yellow (medium) or red (soft). Softer response pads offer snappier binds, but will wear quicker, while harder response pads should last longer.

red silicone response red silicone response yellow silicone response pad

Ballbearing removal tool, R25

Much safer than pliers! Place the tip of the tool on the inside of the bearing, and gently wriggle it to remove the bearing from the yoyo.

bearing removal tool

Flat bearing, R30 each. Concave bearing, R35 each. Centre-trak bearing, R45 each.

Flat bearings are completely flat. Concave bearings help reduce side-wall friction. Centre-trak bearings feature a flat central area to reduce string-on-string friction, while the concave edges reduce sidewall friction.

yoyo bearing concave yoyo bearing centretrack yoyo bearing

Replacement axle

R5 each

yoyo axle

Replacement axle to fit most yoyos, including Vosun, yoyoZeekio and Yoyofficer.

Email us: info@theyoyologist.co.za.

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