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The Yoyologist Crew - Africa's professional yo-yo team

The Yoyologist Crew is a team of performance artists, demonstrators, yoyo masters and expert tutors based in South Africa & Kenya.

We perform at special events and functions, run yoyo get-togethers and teach people how to master the perfect throw. The Yoyologist Crew represents the best of Africa's yo-yo community.

Our clients include:

  • Freshwater Films
  • Hollard Insurance
  • Johannesburg Art Fair
  • Kazoo! Art Exhibition
  • Liberty Life
  • Maitland Insurance
  • Office National
  • Ster Kinekor
  • Toffie Festival of Pop Culture
  • Tullow Oil
  • Verimark
  • Virgin Active


frank yoyo south africa     frank yoyo performer     yoyo trick

Frank is a professional ice cream taster and a member of the Yoyo Liberation Movement, a secret organisation that aims to liberate yoyos worldwide.

When he is not eating ice cream or taking part in a revolutionary yoyo mission, you can find him hiking the mountains around Cape Town or swimming with the sharks on the False Bay coast. He has appeared on national TV a number of times and was a featured artist in the Sunday Times, South Africa's biggest Sunday paper.

He is sponsored by yoyoZEEKIO.
Sunday Times interview, 19 January 2014
Frank performing live on YoTV

Benson Arudo (keepin' it real in Kenya)

benson arudo yoyo     benson playing yoyo     benson playing yoyo

Benson is 24 years old and has many names, but to the people in Nairobi, Kenya, he is known simply as "The Yoyo Man".

Benson is the founder of Eish!Yo, a venture that aims to bring the art of yo-yoing to life in the streets of Nairobi:
"I hope Eish!Yo will spread the art of yo-yoing to the rest of Africa and give it a status akin to the yo-yo scenes in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The 1A style of play inspired me to start yo-yoing and I am now learning 2A and 5A to add more to my skill-set."

When he's not pushing the boundaries of what can be done with a piece of string, Benson can be found on the basketball court, astrojaxing, watching anime and Sci-Fi, or in the kitchen experimenting with noodles, soya meat and marmalade.

 Read our interview with the one and only, the yoyo legend from Nairobi!

Craig Marks, aka Evover

craig playing yoyo     craig playing yoyo     craig yoyo south africa

Programmer by day. DJ, producer & musician by night. Yoyo player by choice.

Craig has been playing yoyo for most of his life, but only started down the modern 1A path fairly recently. Always trying to push the envelope and the local SA yo-yo scene, Craig formed the first yoyo club in Bloemfontein, his hometown.

He is a well respected DJ and music producer. Listen to Evover on soundcloud.

It's not just a yo-yo, it's a way of life.

Barend, 1956 - 2017

barend yoyo

Barend was well-versed in various styles of yoyo play. He had an innovative approach to yoyoing which set him apart from other players, giving him a unique style of play that was always fun to watch.

In 2006 Barend & Frank played their first yoyo show together (Kazoo!). In 2007 he broke the Masters' World Record for the Longest Shoot the Moon. In 2008 he placed 2nd at the World Yoyo Contest in the Masters' division. In 2009 he broke the Masters' World Record for the most consecutive Shoulder Pops. In 2010 Frank & Barend played the Toffie! festival of Pop Culture together, and the crowd went wild.

He achieved so much in the yoyo world, but really, what he seemed to like most was just putting a string on his finger, chilling and having a throwdown, trading tricks with his friends. He has left a gaping hole in the local, South African yoyo community that will be impossible to fill.