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Yoyo Articles, by The Yoyologist Crew members
South African Yo-yo Players

Interview with Barend de Wet, yoyo World record holder!

Here's an interview from our archives! In 2007, one of our Crew members, Barend, set the local yoyo scene ablaze when he broke the Yo-yo World Record for the Longest Shoot the Moon in the Masters Division.

What follows is an interview shortly after Barend de Wet received his official certificate.

barend world yoyo record holder   barend de wet yoyo world record   barend world record holder

Q: Barend, you've made yo-yo history by breaking the yo-yo World record for the Longest Shoot the Moon in the Masters Division, so tell us, how does it feel?

It feels fantastic!

Q: What was your preparation like, did you put in a lot of training?

I did train a lot, but I don't think excessively so. What helped a lot is I've been doing Shoot the Moon for a long time, when I first discovered other yo-yo players in South Africa a few years ago, I was already doing Shoot the Moon.

Q: And now for some background information? What was your first yoyo, how did you get it and how old were you when you started playing yo-yo?

My very first yo-yo was an old Coca-cola yo-yo. Back then the lettering was cast into the plastic. I got it when I was in primary school, or maybe Std 6, I think it was around 1968!

barend de wet yoyo

Q: You're very passionate about yo-yos, so why the yo-yo, why not some other hobby?

You know, I so clearly remember getting those first yo-yos so many years ago, and it was just such a beautiful object to me. I played because it was a phase that everyone was going through, and when the promotions stopped, I'd stop playing for a while.

Then when Coca-cola would bring them out again, I'd pick it up again, I've always just loved them! Back then they had these little competitions at shops and stuff and I won some of those, got free Cokes, Coca cola bags and stuff like that, I didn't get much further though!

Q: So, from back then, to where you are now, tell me more...

A couple of years ago I saw some guys playing with yo-yos at the Rosebank Rooftop Market. I didn't know about yo-yos with bearings and all that, and it just opened up a whole new world of yo-yoing to me. And then on my 50th birthday I got a Dif-e-Yo Barebones and that's when I really got into it. A while later I learnt to Bind and from there everything just blew up. Binding is such a big breakthrough to learn.

Q: If yo-yoing was your career, what would be the low point of your career so far, and what's the high point?

I suppose the low-points would be the times in between, when I wasn't able to play. When the Coca cola yoyo craze would die and yo-yos weren't available any more and I couldn't play. That's the only low-point I can really think of.

High point - yo-yo World record holder!!

barend de wet yoyo world record

Q: Thanks Barend, it's been a pleasure catching up with you, and may the yoyo World records flow!

Thank you!

barend world yoyo record holder   barend de wet yoyo world record   barend world record holder

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