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Yoyo Articles, by The Yoyologist Crew members
South African Yo-yo Players

Cape Town - March 2010

March 2010, Frank in Cape Town, South Africa

I was in the Cape recenty to do a few yo-yo shows - this is how it went down...

The first show was outdoors, they had a stage set up in the middle of a field between the mountains. It was really beautiful, I was inspired and it would have been so awesome... if it wasn't raining!

I jumped up on stage full of enthusiasm and with my first throw saw a jet of water shooting off my string. The audience was hiding underneath their jackets, and really, who could blame them? I thought it didn't go too well, but when I saw the video later I realised I actually did really well. Despite the wind and rain, I still managed to hit all my tricks and came across with the usual calm confindence, there wasn't any more I could've done in the circumstances. Boy, were my fingers freezing!

Later on Barend and I were due to perform at the Toffie Festival of Pop Culture. Despite the fact that we were mostly making up the whole "show" as we went along, knowing each other's strengths and abilities helped us feed off each other - the audience loved it and there was loads of whistling and cheering! I even did a couple of yoyo tricks I had just learnt the night before.

After the show Barend and I hung out for a while and then I met up with Doug that evening. Doug was a huge influence on the local yo-yo scene a few years ago, and when I started out, he was the guy I used to beg every week to teach me a new trick. He's also a fantastic footbag/hackysack player and is featured on the Duncan promotional video that is distributed with their line of footbags. It was great catching up with him.

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