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Red Devil yoyo review

red devil yoyo review     red devil yoyo     red devil yoyo

Back To The Future with Red Devil yoyos

A yoyo review by Yoyologist Crew member, Craig

For anybody older than 20, seeing a Red Devil yoyo for the first time would make you do a double take. The yoyo itself is nearly a carbon copy of the old Russell yoyos (Coca-Cola yoyos) from the 1980s and early 1990s that everyone in South Africa seems to remember so well. The yoyo itself is an imperial shape with flat sides, it has a steel fixed axle and quite a narrow gap.

First impressions

The Red Devil yoyo felt a bit light at first and I was afraid it would be really "floaty" and unpredictable - but right from the first throw it has been nothing but a pleasure to throw. The yoyo is very well balanced with zero vibe or wobble.

As it is a fixed axle the response is quite sharp. With a bit of practice I was getting it to sleep for a few seconds. This is by no means a 1A yoyo, but after a few throws I was pulling off all the old school picture tricks, such as Walk the Dog, Eiffel Tower and Rock the Baby.

Where the Red Devil really stands out though is in 2A (looping) tricks. The response is perfect for looping, the weight is good and the balance during flight is superb. When flicking it for a forward pass, you can feel which way the yoyo is going and turning, so when you swing it around for the loop it will be where you want it to be. The weight is also light enough so that it does not strain your wrist too much - but heavy enough to be a positive throw.

Two weeks later

I have had two Red Devil yoyos for just over two weeks and I am really happy with them. I have been practicing my looping and am improving in leaps and bounds. The yoyo responds exactly as I want it to and my wrists are not aching from all the hard work.

One thing that I have come to realize is that these yoyos are tough. They can really take a knock. I have smacked them against the ground, walls, roof and even my head and they still keep spinning exactly the same as the day I got them - with zero vibe or wobble.

Final thoughts

This is a great little fixed axle yoyo at a very good price. It will appeal to the absolute beginner, the experienced player looking for a challenge and even collectors of the original Russell yoyos. This is a great yoyo for children to learn yoyo play as it can take a knock like a boss.

All in all, I am very pleased and hope that Red Devil has more in store with future yoyos, taking inspiration from the past to bring us yoyos that will spark the public interest once again.

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