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Yoyo Articles, by The Yoyologist Crew members
South African Yo-yo Players

YoTV Ext. 4, SABC1, 6 June 2012

On 6 June 2012, Yo-yo Crew members Graham and Frank were interviewed by YoTV presenters Taggi and Joelle, and did a yoyo trick demonstration on a live broadcast of YoTV Ext 4, SABC1 in South Africa.

Scroll down to see the video!

graham yoyo yotv   playing yoyo national tv   frank taggi joelle yotv

It all started when we received a call from YoTV's producer wanting some yo-yo players to play yoyo on Yo-yo Day (6 June). Of course we agreed, and after a discussion among our yo-yo crew members, it was decided that Frank and Graham would represent South Africa's top yo-yo players: The Yoyologist Crew.

There were a number of challenges:

Graham was in the middle of exams, and first he had to convince his parents that he could come. Once his parents agreed, he then had to make arrangements with his school. Luckily, Graham is super smart and after a few meetings with his school and a little persuasion, all his arrangments fell neatly into place.

Frank loves riding bikes (bicycles, not motorbikes), and halfway to the TV studio he had a puncture and got caught in some rain, but after some furious pedalling he made it to the studio with time to spare.

graham yoyo   frank yoyo Meet the rest of the Yoyologist Crew.

After changing into some dry clothes, Frank walked into the studio where Graham was already chatting to Joelle and Taggi, the show's presenters. The YoTV producer then came to meet us to discuss how things were going to run during the live broadcast, and then it was time for us to warm up and stretch the fingers.

Here are some pics of Graham running through his awesome tricks before the show.

yotv graham warming up   yotv yoyo tv show

Pretty soon, the floor manager gave the countdown: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... the show was live and Joelle and Taggi started presenting!

yotv tv studio   yotv presenters

Then we were interviewed, and we had a great time, sharing the joy of yo-yoing on national TV! Here are a few pics of Graham teaching presenters Joelle and Taggi how to throw like a champ:

taggi yotv presenter playing yoyo   yotv yoyo fun

After some practice, Taggi does the bicycle yo-yo trick during an ad break while Joelle does a super long Sleeper, the basis for all string tricks.

yotv presenters playing yoyo   yotv presetners playing yoyo

All in all, everyone had a blast and we can't wait to have another throwdown with Joelle and Taggi soon!
Keep an eye out for our next TV appearance!

yotv presenter taggi joelle   taggi joelle yotv presenters

Watch the video:

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