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The Yoyologist - Advanced yoyo trick tutorials

Learn how to do advanced yoyo tricks with our easy to follow yoyo trick tutorials. Each tutorial gives a video breakdown of an advanced yoyo trick for you to learn how to yoyo like a champ!

Don't worry, this is just the beginning, we will be loading more videos soon!! Each video features a local, South African based yoyo player.

Carrot Escape yoyo trick tutorial

Use a Double or Nothing and learn how to do Carrot Escape, an easy flashy trick invented by Ben.

Drop Switch Yoyo Trick Tutorial

Learn how to do a Drop Switch. Drop Switch is a simple suicide repeater yo-yo trick. Our tutorial gives an excelent breakdown of how to do it.

Arm & Neck Wrap Yoyo Trick

Learn how to do Arm and Neck Wraps in this simple and easy to follow yoyo trick tutorial video.

Samurai Cat

Learn how to do Samurai Cat, a yoyo trick inspired by a ninja cat.

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