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The Yoyologist -Lessons in Freehand yoyo trick tutorials

Learn how to play Freehand / 5A / counterweight with our easy to follow yoyo trick tutorials. Each tutorial gives a video breakdown of a counterweight / 5A trick for you to learn how to yoyo like a champ!

Getting Started

Easy instructions showing you how to get ready to play 5A. Learn how to properly attach a counterweight and more in this yoyo tutorial.

5A Windmill

If you can throw a good Breakaway, a good entry point in learning how to play counterweight is to learn the Windmill yoyo trick. Follow this tutorial to see how it is done.

Fun with the 360

Right, you can land a Trapeze, so your next step in the 5A world is to have some fun with the 360! Watch the video and see how it is done!

5A Fun with the Trapeze

So, your Breakaways are getting better and you are starting to land your Trapezes more consistently, now is the time to have some 5A fun with the Trapeze.

Doubling Up

Add some spice to your counterweight play by adding in some doubles! Learn how to double-it-up in this yoyo trick tutorial.

5A Braintwister

Learn how to do a freehand Braintwister by following this easy yoyo trick tutorial.

5A Basic Aerial

Learn how to let go and send the yoyo flying with this tutorial, learn how to do a Basic 5A Aerial.

5A Alternating Atomsmasher

Learn how to do an Alternating Atomsmasher in this great yoyo trick tutorial.

5A Meltdown (advanced)

You've made it this far, so now take your counterweight yoyo play to the next level by learning Meltdown. This trick will teach you flow and the basics of more advanced 5A play.

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