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The Yoyologist - Intermediate yoyo trick tutorials

Learn how to do intermediate yoyo tricks with our easy to follow yoyo trick tutorials. Each tutorial gives a video breakdown of an intermediate yoyo trick for you to learn how to yoyo like a champ!

Don't worry, this is just the beginning, we will be loading more videos soon!! Each video features local, South African based yoyo players.

How to do "Dog Chasing its own Tail"

Barend from The Yoyologist Crew shows you how to the Dog Chasing its own Tail yoyo trick. Barend is renowned for his innovative approach to yoyoing, and this yoyo trick will certainly add some fun to your playing.

How to do a Trapeze

Craig from The Yoyologist Crew makes learning to throw a Trapeze a breeze in this yoyo trick tutorial. This trick is also known as Man on the Flying Trapeze and is a very important yoyo trick to learn!

How to do a Reverse Trapeze

The Yoyologist Crew member, Craig, showing you how to do the Reverse Trapeze yoyo trick, also known as Man on the Flying Trapeze and his Brother. Follow our simple yoyo trick tutorials with video breakdown to learn how to yoyo!

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