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The Yoyologist - Master yoyo trick tutorials

Learn how to do Master level yoyo tricks with our easy to follow yoyo trick tutorials. Each tutorial gives a video breakdown of an advanced yoyo trick for you to learn how to yoyo like a champ!

More videos soon!! Each video features a local, South African based yoyo player.

The Gallows Yo-yo Trick Tutorial (aka Hangman)

Not much of a tutorial, but clear enough if you want to figure it out. The Gallows, aka Hangman, is one of the coolest looking yoyo tricks around! Follow the tutorial to learn how to do the Gallows yoyo trick.

Yo-yo Trick Elements Tutorial

Learn a bunch of elements to add to your arsenal of yo-yo tricks from this video. Use them to spice up your yoyo tricks, combos and freestyles. Aimed at intermediate players wanting to impress with an uncomplicated freestyle, this tutorial first features a breakdown of each element, and then these are later incorporated into open, freestyle play. We hope you learn something useful to add to your yoyo playing! Filmed and produced in Joburg, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Easy Flashy Stuff to do from Wrist Mount

Another video from The Yoyologist Crew member, Frank. This time he is showing intermediate to advanced level players some easy, fun and flashy tricks you can do from a Wrist Mount. Easy Wrist Mount tutorials to spice up your yoyo playing!

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