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The Yoyologist - general videos and trick compilations

Slo-Mo Saturday Jams with a YoYoZeekio Zenith, new video from Craig!

June 2014

Cape Town in winter, one take...

July 2013

Bloemfontein, April 2012

Filmed in various locations around Bloemfontein and featuring Craig and Frank from The Yoyologist Crew! Hopefully next time there will be many more players from Bloemfontein ready to showcase their skill!

South African Yo-yo Promotion video

Here's a video from 2009 featuring various members of the South African yo-yo scene. Filmed in various locations around Johannesburg with players doing various yoyo tricks and busting out freestyles. Video includes Ben's Yo-yo World Record for the Longest Shoot the Moon.

Thomas - Wins the School Talent Show with a Yo-yo

Here is a video to make the South African yo-yo community proud! Thomas won his school's talent show with a yoyo performance that really impressed the judges and audience!

Joburg Yoyo Meet, February 2006

A very old yo-yo video from back when we were all noobs! Frank had been playing for less than a year, Doug was pretty smooth and Jaco still has the coolest South African 5A. Barend is still around and throws all the time...